5 Tips for New Trial Lawyers

5 Think like you judge and know your case

Knowing your case is not limited to a lawyer having the best recall of the facts to be presented in court, but also making sure that the facts will fit into elements of all claim and defense of the case. A new trial lawyer should also be able to distinguish the standards in terms of legalities required by the law to be applied by the judge in every motion and argument that you make. You need to always put in mind: “ If I am the judge, what information should I gather to help me make the decision for this case?”. The more you are correct in guessing what the judge will do, the more you are going to be successful in a case. Therefore, a new trial lawyer should always think like his judge.


4 Ask For Help If You Need It

Paula Holderman, President of the Illinois State Bar Association said that  “As a new lawyer, you should ask for help whenever you think you may need it or even when you are not sure you need it. Take our word for it—you do.” Avoiding embarrassment is not the only thing that a new lawyer is aiming for by asking for help, but asking for help, gives the necessary legal knowledge, skill, preparation and thoroughness which aligns to the Rules of Professional Conduct to make sure that professional obligations are observed.


3 Your Appearance Matters

A new trial lawyer should be well-dressed, striking and formal. Avoid flashy jewelries, but a formal watch is advisable. Dark and strong colors are best for suits, and let a colored tie or scarf add life to your ensemble. Polished and shoes of good shape should be worn. But, your appearance is not limited to your physical appearance, a new trial lawyer should be mindful of his appearance inside and outside the courtroom. All eyes are on you and the physical will always capture the attention of the judge, the jury, and everyone. But, above all be yourself and act natural. Your personality should exude the courtrooms with grace and attitude.


2 Know Your Enemy

This is an epic strategy in every battle, and a court battle is one of them. A family law specialist in Rockville, Maryland and Washington advised “ Step back and look at the case the way your opponent does. Then repeat the process before you walk into court.” If a new trial lawyer is able to think how his opponent does, he will be better equipped when the trial is in motion.  Do your research about the opposing lawyer, get to know his attitude, his tricks, his way of thinking.


1 Prepare, prepare, prepare, peparare, prepare

Remember these Five Ps of trial. Prepare, prepare, prepare, peparare, prepare. These words should cover it all. According to Attorney Oscar Michelen, a legal litigation expert, a new trial lawyer should know the file, break down the depositions, think the case through, read the documentary evidence over and over. He also advised that knowing the case better than the adversary is the first step to success.